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Why These Exclusive Earring Designs Must Go Straight Into Your Closet

Modern and trendy women love a new look, and earrings make perfect new sparkling accessories that add flair to any outfit.
When we see such dazzling earrings in stores such as Orr’s Jewelers’, it is almost impossible to get by with only one ear-piercing because we all want to wear as many of those earrings as we can!
From delicate diamond studs or dazzling drops to stylish hoops or beautiful clusters, the unusual designs and textures of beautiful earrings are catching everybody’s attention!

What earrings are in fashion?

The trend of earrings encompasses all looks and styles, and thanks to iconic designs,
earrings give a beautiful touch of light that emphasizes women’s natural femininity.
Here are earring styles which have come to stay:
Diamond earrings

Diamond earrings

Diamond earrings are one of the most original pieces you can use to accessorize looks. Diamond earring designs can range from the most discreet to the most sublime. 
Dresses cannot do without a delicate pair of diamonds, which is why such sparkly earrings are often used to create an evening look. In fact, we dare you to find an item of clothing that is not improved by diamond earrings.

Diamond earrings enhance your natural beauty while bringing grace and originality to any look, with shining gorgeous sparkles!

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Drop earrings

Drops & Dangles

These elongated designs dance along your shoulders, drawing attention to your face, and helping you look radiant!
For a beautiful effect, dangle and drop earrings add dazzling finishing touches to any outfit, making you look ready for the day. 
And the best part about drops and dangle earrings is that they enrich any jewelry set. For example, pairing drop earrings with a pendant necklace of similar metal colors can result in a super stylish combination.

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Gemstone earrings

Gemstone Earrings

We can deny it no longer: we fall a bit more in love with gemstones with each passing day. No matter the earrings' aesthetics, gems add depth and value to them, making these perfect when you want to create spectacular looks.

Go for colors this season with all your favorite earring styles. You don’t need to have an artsy fashion style to wear gemstone earrings. 

Instead, add a pop of color to all black (or gray) outfits or match your eyeshadow to the vivid color of the gem you choose and enjoy unique monochromatic looks.

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Hoops & Huggies

We’ve touched this before, and it seems hoops are indeed never leaving fashion shows. And what’s more, today, everybody is taking notice of huggies (a smaller interpretation of the classic).
Whether you prefer the effect of large hoops or dainty huggies, there’s fearless experimentation with shapes in this design. Not only that, but you’ll find gold hoop earrings, diamond hoop earrings, and silver hoop earrings in both sizes. 
In fact, huggies might be your go-to pieces, but hoops will be a close second this season. The design is being spotted everywhere, so, enhance your collection with both sizes to get all styles covered!

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Pearl earrings

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings speak for themselves, and they’re far from the prim and proper style we envision with pearls. As it happens, designers are meeting the moment with a stunning range of pearl earring colors and designs.
Don’t worry. If your heart beats faster for the shimmering clean slate of with milky pearls, they’re still around, and being styled even with casual looks.
None of us have been crazy enough to retire pearls. There’s a constant resurgence, making them officially timeless. Not only that, but pearls always do double duty by creating an elegant effect while giving off the impression there’s not a lot of preparation involved in the look. 

So, this is the look if you love to appear effortlessly beautiful.

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Stud earrings

Stud earrings

Well-chosen earring studs are must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. They look terrific paired with high-neck tops or bright necklaces. Wear them individually or in a second ear-piercing with other earring styles.
Studs are sparkling wonders you can wear every day. In truth, you can change outfits for a week without changing your diamond studs. They’re staggeringly versatile.
Whether you draw inspiration from nature, vintage, or geometric designs, there’s a pair of stud earrings to match your style. And if you are looking for professional earrings, studs are delicate and never get in the way of your looks.

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