A Guide To Finding The Perfect Necklace


A Guide To Finding The Perfect Necklace

Necklaces are lovely yet sexy accessories which have been used for centuries by several civilizations. These days, they continue to be the most charming and alluring pieces of jewelry to be worn by women and men alike. They are sensual and intimate, so what’s not to love about them?

How long should a necklace be?

necklace designs

The answer is: however long you want it to be! Let your creativity run wild and express yourself freely by checking out the plethora of amazing necklaces that Orr’s Jewelers have to offer. Just keep in mind that the size of your necklace can say much about you. 

That’s another reason why necklaces are so much fun: they’re perfect items to convey your personality and even your mood. You can change like a chameleon and wear them according to how you feel. The shorter the necklace, the sexier it can get, depending on its style. 

What necklace is best for men?

necklace for men

Men are less likely to be willing to change their necklaces constantly the way women do, changing necklaces to match their different outfits. So, even though there is not one simple kind of necklace for men, it seems that they like their necklaces to be practical.

Assuming that men enjoy materials and designs that will make them look good but at the same time make their lives easier, necklaces that they can wear for several days at a time or constantly are the perfect choice for men. Discover our exclusive selection of men’s necklaces today. 
Let’s take a look at some main types of necklaces for you to choose from:


If you want to put on a sexier and bold outfit, then dare to wear a collar, a shorter necklace style. It conveys the image of strong women and calls attention to the neck, one of the most sensual areas of our body, a part which constantly interacts with the hair and that is visible at first sight.
religious necklaces

Cross necklaces / religious necklaces

This kind of necklace is a special token of protection that is loved by many people. After all, religious or not, who would say no to an extra dose of divine protection, especially when it looks so charming? Religious necklaces look amazing when worn solo, or even when combined with other pieces. 

These necklaces are also very popular among men and are perfect to be worn all the time. They could also be the kind of necklace that men wear the most, so they make great gifts for anyone. We work with top designers such as Roberto Coin that are known for their excellence in manufacturing high end jewelry items, and who have a stunning collection of religious necklaces. 

Diamond necklaces

This kind of necklace, especially when combined with a stunning dress, is all you need to be looking like a millionaire in the blink of an eye. Diamond necklaces have an incomparable shine and are pretty much the only item you’ll ever need to put together a fabulous, enchanting outfit in no time.

Explore the various options we have in terms of one-of-a-kind designs featuring diamonds and let these gems rock your world! Good thing is, they do that regardless of their size! They shine bright no matter what! Let them shine on you and make you even more beautiful today.
silver necklaces

Silver and sterling silver necklaces

Silver necklaces are amazing metal necklaces that enhance the beauty of anyone, as they work well with virtually any skin tone. The only thing necessary for silver to make a good match for someone is for them to like it, since it happens to match everyone’s skin color very well.

Sterling silver, an alloy of silver which contains 92.5% silver by weight combined with other metals, is also a really good option. Often more affordable, yet equally durable and that also looks really great on the wearer regardless of their skin tone. Check out our many fashion necklaces designs that feature silver.
Gemstone necklaces

Gemstone necklaces

This kind of necklace is perhaps the most creative type of all. Why? Because gemstones are wonders of nature that come in an abundance of colors. Thus, the rich variety of hues found in gemstone necklaces is guaranteed to bring excitement and joy to your day to day life.

Not only that, but they can also make any neutral colored outfit step out of the basics with their rich colors, whilst adding a lively touch to your look. They also naturally bring out the best of your beauty by making your eye color pop, or by enhancing the color of your hair. 

For more information about how to use gemstones to your favor, feel free to speak to one of our experts. Our wide inventory of gemstone necklaces includes the sexy ruby, green agate, the soothing aquamarine, sapphires, turquoise, topaz, black onyx, and many more. 
Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklaces

This kind of necklace is super feminine and classic in a subtly fancy and posh way. Pearls are so rare that they remind us of royalty itself, so if you want to put the focus on your feminine and delicate side, pearl necklaces are perfect for you. 

In addition to the classical looking pearl necklace which contains pearls all over it, we feature sophisticated designs that combine white and black pearls, playing with different metals and materials. Fall in love with our various pearl necklaces and let them surprise you.

Where to get amazing necklaces in Pittsburgh, PA

Visit us today at one of our stores in the greater Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania for a complimentary visit to help you find the necklace you’re looking for. Alternatively, browse our website for more information and join our community for inspiration by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

You’re guaranteed to find the perfect necklace for you, one that will meet all of your needs and preferences. Let Orr’s Jewelers rock your world and make your wish come true! We promise you’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase and will be coming back for more.