Diamond Shapes Guide

A Guide Into The Amazing
World Of Diamond Shapes

It’s undeniable how beautiful and powerful diamond jewelry is. At least once, we’ve all been caught admiring the design and the glow. Did you know that every diamond has its own type of cut? That’s something we don’t pay attention to very often, but it reflects in the beauty of the piece.
Every shape is carefully designed to enhance the brilliance of the diamond, making it more attractive to our eyes. Every facet has an important role to play: just like a mirror, they have to refract the light in the most unique ways. Let’s talk about the various types of diamond shapes we have at Orr’s Jewelers. Dive in!

What are the shapes called?

Diamonds are cut into different formats, creating geometric designs that are called “shapes.” Those shapes are created by cutters and can be round, pear, emerald, heart-shaped and beyond. Dealing with diamonds is a true art. There are many techniques to find the perfect cut and the perfect glow.
Diamond Shapes
Some diamonds are shaped precisely to shine the brightest. It all comes down to how many facets there are. It’s a logical thing: the stone with the largest number of facets will glow more.

What diamond shape has the most sparkle?

The round cut is one of the favorites due to its glow. Usually, it has 57 facets, the largest number possible. That’s why this shape was crafted: to be the brightest. In fact, the formula to cutting a diamond that would have the strongest brilliance was the mission of the diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky, in 1919. 
The round cut
He managed to find the perfect round cut that would offer a precise number of facets with the best results. It’s all about math: the right number of facets provides more surfaces to reflect light, and consequently, produce the glamor and magical refraction we all love.

What are the most popular diamond shapes?

The round cut is among the most popular ones because it’s considered to be fancy. But, since fashion is democratic and it’s supposed to fit all tastes and preferences, there’s many other shapes to look at. Each model reflects light in a unique way, creating a breathtaking set. 


This one is by far the most loved, and the most popular model. It’s known for its maximum brilliance provided by a large number of facets. This traditional shape is considered fancy, and unlike the other shapes, it was especially designed to shine the most.


This cut also provides a traditional appearance in the most radiant way. This design has a modern and romantic touch. It’s one of the favorites to feature in engagement rings, and it’s easily combined with other types of jewelry. A pro tip is that it makes your fingers look longer.
Marquise-cut diamond


The marquise-cut diamond is the right one for those who want to emphasize the size of their ring. It maximizes the carat weight with its length, and is  very sophisticated and delicate.
Pear-shaped diamond


A romantic combination of the marquise-cut with the traditional round one. This shape will also make your fingers look longer, especially when the point is facing the nail. This design works perfectly in halo settings.
Emerald-cut diamond


Nothing gives you a unique appearance like an emerald-cut diamond. The rectangular shape allows you to see its original clarity and makes the color more evident, because of the larger format.
Cushion-cut diamond


With rounded corners, the cushion-cut diamond is another version of the round one. It’s also called pillow-cut, due to its resemblance to a pillow shape. They are available in both square and rectangular formats.
Princess-cut diamond


Due to the way it’s shaped, princess-cut diamonds provide an exceptional brilliance. Available in square and rectangular formats, they look absolutely incredible. The color of the diamond appears in the center and the corners radiate distinct colors.

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