Jewelry & Watch Repair Services In Western Pennsylvania You Can Trust

We all have jewelry and watches that are extra special to us, so of course, we want to keep them in the best shape and top-notch performance, but sometimes things don’t go as expected and our busy schedules prevent us from providing the required maintenance to luxury pieces. We are proud to be recognized as an Authorized Rolex Service Center.

So, whether you’re here for jewelry and watch repairs, updating a family heirloom, fixing a broken chain, or similar, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the types of jewelry & watch repair services you can get done at Orr’s Jewelers.

Watch Inspection


Regular maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your watches and jewelry because it can prevent issues before they happen. 

Experienced jewelers work with special equipment that can spot even the tiniest fractures, which can become breakages and impurities that dim your pieces' sheen. Ensure your jewelry and timepieces last a long time by bringing them in for inspection.

Battery replacement

Battery replacement

Is your timepiece letting you down when you need it the most? Batteries are one of the most common issues with watches. A regular battery can last up to two years, but if your battery-operated watch is showing delays, this might be an easy fix.

Luxury waterproof watches require special care when it’s time to replace batteries. That’s because there’s a seal that only an experienced jeweler should handle.

Resetting stones

Resetting stones

Most people agree that jewelry pieces missing precious stones lose all their glow. Prongs can weaken after long years of use, so if you’ve neglected a precious piece a bit, chances are, our gemologists can select gemstones of similar color and size to the one you’re missing, making a seamless repair. 
And If you want to add a pop of color to your everyday jewelry, you can replace the gemstones on it with new colorful gems which can elevate your every look.

Ring Resizing


Whether your ring size has changed, or you’ve purchased something precious for someone you love and guessed the wrong size, resizing is a standard repair service Orr’s experts are well-equipped to handle.
Wearing a tight or loose ring can be very uncomfortable, and you’ll only have to part with it for a few days to have it repaired. But notice some titanium rings or rings accented with precious stones might not be resizable. Bring it to our jewelers for an expert opinion.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium Plating

After years of use, not many people know there’s a way to revert white gold’s lack of luster. The process is called Rhodium Plating, where a jeweler submerges white gold pieces into rhodium and a conductor. 

This extra layer of rhodium not only makes your jewelry shine bright again but also adds protection from corrosion since rhodium is a durable metal. 

Demagnetizing Watch


Timepieces can have their performance affected by magnetic fields generated by cellphones, airport security, locks, etc. In other words, the rhythm and accuracy of your timepiece may not be at their top performance. Demagnetizing solves that problem.


Chain repairs

We’re often asked if jewelers can fix a broken chain. The answer is that it depends. Wobbly clasps and weak links can be repaired with some welding work. However, some “woven” chain designs might not look seamless when repaired.
We always advise our customers, if you have noticed the chain in your jewelry feels different, don’t try to wear it. Chains commonly slip from our neck or wrist with movement. Bring it to us, so we can make it safe to wear again.

Crystal display replacement

Crystal display replacement

If you love to wear your watch often, chances are it’s a little scratched, no matter how careful we are. Bring your timepiece to us, so we can evaluate and even suggest alternatives, such as a complete crystal replacement or a light polish. Performing small improvements to the state of your watch will guarantee you have it forever.

Jewelry Remodeling

Custom Design & Jewelry Remodeling

Orr’s Jewelers has helped hundreds of customers, who enjoy having unique jewelry tailored especially for them, create something extra special. 
Whether you want to create a jewelry piece to wear proudly around or surprise a loved one with an anniversary gift, wedding band, or even an engagement ring, we can customize a piece for you in four easy steps.
And the best part is that if you have something you don’t love or a dated piece in your jewelry box, you can consult our experts and design something new from the old!


Jewelry & Watch Repairs in Western Pennsylvania

Orr’s Jewelers is your jewelry and watch repair destination in Pennsylvania. We love to bring your jewelry and watches back to life with a blend of experience and innovation, caring for your pieces as if they were some of our own.
Visit our store to learn about even more repair possibilities such as engraving, watch resizing, pearl restringing, polishing, and more!  
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