Cartier Watches Guide

The Essential Guide To Cartier Watches

Cartier watches are among the most prestigious and sought-after in the world. As the iconic brand is home to some of the world’s most recognizable timepieces; it’s no wonder Cartier watches are essential to any collection. 

Whether you’re looking into getting your first luxury watch or you’re adding to your ever-growing collection, we’ve put together this handy guide on everything you need to know about Cartier and how to pick the perfect watch for you.
Cartier History

Cartier’s iconic heritage

Founded in Paris in 1847, Cartier quickly became renowned for its sophisticated and creative designs that adorned some of the most fashionable and elegant people of the time. From royals to celebrities, all the stars spotted Cartier jewelry and watches - a trend that continues on to this day.

With a wide array of legendary designs ranging from colorful Tutti Frutti jewelry to Tank watches, the brand blends innovation with heritage to create timeless pieces that simply never go out of style.
Cartier Heritage

French design meets Swiss craftsmanship

Although Cartier is headquartered in France, the country where it was founded, the brand also has a factory in Switzerland, which is where all watches are made.

Located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, an area in Switzerland that’s renowned for watchmaking, the factory is home to skilled artisans that meticulously create all of Cartier’s timepieces in the land of the greatest watchmakers in the world.

Most popular Cartier watches

Santos de Cartier

Santos de Cartier

The Santos is not only one of the most iconic watches to ever be created but also a crucial part of watchmaking history. That’s because the Santos was one of the first wristwatches - and certainly the most influential one - as it was designed by Louis Cartier for his friend, Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, to tell time while flying without removing his hands from the controls. 

Among the watch’s features are the stunning screwed-down square bezel and the stylish rectangle case that give this design a unique look with an unexpected twist.
Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank

Another iconic Cartier timepiece, the Tank is one of the most famous dress watches of all time. This stunning accessory has adorned some of the world’s most famous wrists, from JFK to Princess Diana. The Cartier Tank is renowned for its straight lines and angular silhouette that are as popular today as they were over a century ago when the model was first released in 1918.

Some of this watch’s variations include the famous Tank Louis Cartier, the Tank Must, the Tank Française, and the Tank Américaine.
Ballon de Cartier

Ballon de Cartier

One of the few Cartier watches that features a circular case instead of the square and rectangular lines the brand is renowned for, the Ballon can be easily spotted from a distance. Not only that, but another distinctive feature of this iconic model is its oversized case, which makes the Ballon de Cartier the biggest watch in the designer’s catalog. 

As well as this timepiece’s eye-catching rounded crown inside a round crown guard, the Ballon also features stunning Roman numeral hour markers.
Panthère de Cartier

Panthère de Cartier

Panthère watches were responsible for introducing to the world the concept of a jewelry watch when the line was first launched, as it combined the best Swiss watchmaking with Parisian sophistication. Named after the beautiful animal, these timepieces were created to represent fierce femininity in a Parisian-chic way. 

Inspired by the sleek and bold movements of panthers, the Panthère features an ultra-flexible chain-link bracelet and a stylish square-shaped case.
Baignoire de Cartier

Baignoire de Cartier

This unique timepiece gets its name from the French word for “bathtub” thanks to its one-of-a-kind stretched-out shape that makes this watch look like something out of a Salvador Dalí painting. The Baignoire has been a cult hit since the 1950s, and it’s gained a reputation for being the ultimate accessory among French it-girls - from Catherine Deneuve to Mélanie Laurent.

With a design that manages to be both timeless and modern at the same time, the Baignoire de Cartier is nothing short of a must-have.

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