Custom Design Jewelry

Custom Design 

At Orr's, we know how unique every one of our customers is. We also know our customer's loved ones deserve nothing less than the best. Therefore, we understand that the perfect piece of jewelry needs to be able to convey their personality, taste, and style in a very personalized way.
That's why we proudly offer distinguished custom design services. In this guide, we'll tell you the essentials of this process, as well as its many benefits. But first, let's take a look at what
custom design jewelry means, and situations in which it may come in handy.
What is customized jewelry and what are its benefits?

Custom jewelry are pieces crafted especially for someone, made with their wants and needs in mind.. In other words, custom jewelry design is tailored to meet specific preferences.

The piece can be for anyone you would like; for yourself, your significant other, or a family member. The possibilities are endless. That’s why custom jewelry is so special, because it is inspired by someone specific, and their personal style and taste are considered in the crafting of the jewelry. 
customized jewelry

As a result, the final piece looks exactly the way our customers and designers have worked together on from inception to creation. The piece's conception relies, to a great extent, on the customer. All you have to do is let your creativity flow; we'll turn your wish into a reality. 

Custom design is very useful with inherited family jewelry, as it is a very heartfelt gift. However, since it is passed on through generations, sometimes the piece you inherited is not really your style. Instead of letting this precious piece sit in your jewelry box, bring it in and we will help you redesign and customize it to your liking. 
Custom design

With the help of our experts, you'll see how easy it can be to reuse stones from a piece and set them in an updated and contemporary ring, pendant, or pair of earrings in seconds. Likewise, inherited rings can be easily redesigned into pendants and still keep the character of your family piece. It will still be a very thoughtful and meaningful gift that family members can appreciate and treasure no matter their age. 

Nothing makes a better statement than customized jewelry. At Orr's, we cherish the individuality of all of our customers, so our in-house designers offer you a complimentary visit to ensure a personalized experience and customized service from start to finish to help you create the piece of your dreams. Now, let's go through the steps of this process.
How does the process of custom design jewelry work?
1.    You come up with personal inspiration

To make sure you have the best custom-design experience possible by the time you see us, come prepared with ideas and inspiration. It all starts with you, so feel free to bring photos and sketches of your inspiration, and make sure to express what you want. Our experts will work with you one-on-one to make sure that, together, we transform your ideas into reality. 

2.    We will provide you with a complimentary quote

The next step will be to speak to our experts to arrive at a consensus on an acceptable quote - considering the materials it will feature, such as precious metals, and gemstones like diamonds. All factors of the piece will be reflected in the complimentary quote. 
3.    We will show you what your piece will look like 

Once you decide on the design of your dream piece of jewelry, our experts use our 3D CAD, or computer-aided design, software to conceptualize it on the screen. With CAD technology, a model is created that allows you to visualize multi-angle renderings of your future piece. 

At this point, if you feel necessary, we can modify or adjust any components of your piece at your request. After that, the displayed images are sent to you. Once the design is approved by you, our team will begin crafting your piece.

Where to get the best custom design jewelry in Pittsburgh 

You only get one chance to make this right, so let Orr's Jewelers help you make the best choice for your loved ones — one that will be tailored especially for them with our expertise. We promise you won’t regret this wise decision!
If you prefer to talk to us in person, visit our showroom at your convenience. All you need to do is decide what is the best location for you to drop by in the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania (PA). Choose between
Squirrel Hill or Sewickley, whichever you prefer.
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