Fashion Rings Guide


The Ultimate Fashion Rings Guide For Women And Men

In the past, rings were accessories mostly associated with femininity, but now they’re one of the coolest accessories in the jewelry industry, for men and women alike. If you choose to add rings to your outfit, know that they'll significantly impact those around you, since they’re worn on hands and most physical social human interactions usually entails that part of the body. 

But because fashion rings are anything but ordinary accessories, in order for them to be worn in a fashionable way, it’s of utmost importance that you do it with confidence. And to ensure you do so, this guide will tell you all you need to know about rings, covering how to wear and combine them with the rest of your outfit, as well as any other accessories you might wanna wear with them.
How to wear rings in a fashionable way?
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Start by considering wearing them by matching them with the rest of your outfit first. If you already dig accessories in general, before you add rings to your look, you’ll need to make sure you match them with your bracelets, necklaces (which may be worn 100% of the time), belts and - last but not least, watches.

As with any other type of accessorizing, rings need to complement the overall style of your outfit and not take over it. They can surely be used to enhance your style while adding a special touch - but keep in mind that balance is key here. 

How to wear fashion rings and why?
how to wear fashion rings

There’s no protocol in terms of which hand to wear any rings on, so that is up to you. But pay special attention to what you’ll be wearing on your wrists and hands. For instance, if one of your wrists is full of bracelets, it would be best to wear a ring on your bare hand for symmetry. That said, always take into account the occasion in which you’ll be wearing the ring. 

Ask yourself if it’ll match the overall look of your outfit and go hand in hand with it. For instance, if you want to wear a stone ring, it may be best to do so in casual settings, but not to work, in which case more neutral metals would be the way to go, since they offer distinction without being too much.  

Which finger should you wear fashion rings on?
Woman Jewelers Fingers

There’s no strict rule about which hand to wear a fashion ring, so it ultimately comes down to personal preferences. The only exception would be regarding engagement and wedding rings, which should be worn on the left hand, on the ring finger. Now, let's get an overview of each finger’s symbolic meaning in terms of the fashion rings that are commonly associated with them.
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The Pinky Finger

If you want a ring to make a fashion statement, wearing it on a pinky finger will make sure that happens. You wear a ring on that finger if you want to intentionally draw attention to the fact you're wearing a ring - even though it doesn’t interfere with the index finger, the most heavily used finger. That ring style is the perfect choice for bold personalities. Pinky rings can feature designs from metals to gems, but basically whatever you wear on your pinky will impress everyone around you.
The Ring Finger

In the US, this finger is associated with commitment, especially marriage, be it engagement ring or wedding bands following marriage (both worn on the ring finger of the left hand). These two kinds of rings are usually more traditional, and their designs feature plain metal bands or stones. Yet, you don’t need to be married to wear a ring on that particular finger. On the contrary, you should take advantage, since it is so charming: just be aware that some people might think you’re married! 

The Middle Finger

This is the largest finger of all and it constantly interferes with the index finger. Thus, something to be considered for those who want to wear a ring on the middle finger is to keep a middle ring relatively small and opt for simple metal choices to avoid hindrances when performing manual tasks. 
The Index Finger

This is definitely the most used finger along with the thumb, so it may take some time getting used to wearing rings on it. But on the bright side, it doesn’t directly interact with any other finger if there’s no ring on the middle finger. So rings on that finger allow for different materials and designs, although the traditional ones are wood or bright silver tones.
The Thumb

As for the materials of these rings (since they're already naturally bold and bigger than other fingers), to avoid being too much, they don’t need to be extra extravagant. They're also the perfect choice for a man who wants to wear multiple rings, since they're naturally isolated from the remaining fingers. In that sense, it exists in an independent way, but it’s still bold enough to be noticed immediately.

Main types of fashion rings
There’s plenty of fashion rings options for you to choose from, but next, we are going to highlight the most popular ones, which are, of course, offered at our store.
Diamond Fashion Rings

Diamond Fashion Rings 

Diamonds are forever - and you don't need to be engaged to wear a diamond ring. In fact, a fashion diamond ring is one of the most enchanting little accessories one can choose to wear. They may look unpretentious, but these rings represent another level of chic and are able to uplift any look you could possibly think of. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable fashion ring, then this is the perfect choice for you.
Gold Fashion Rings

Gold Fashion Rings

If diamonds are forever, gold is timeless and classic. The metal has been around for centuries and was commonly used by royalty as queens and kings. Gold fashion rings will make you feel absolutely exclusive. The best part about gold rings is that they can come in rose gold, white gold, or the classic yellow gold featuring many details, so there’s plenty of gold options which will suit your skin color and style.
Pearl Fashion Rings

Pearl Fashion Rings

Pearls are beautiful, charming and delicate additions absolutely adored by women, but they’re most commonly found in necklaces or in studs. But if you want to keep the pearls' feminine touch while also daring to innovate, then you should definitely opt for a pearl fashion ring - as it’ll accomplish this purpose.
Gemstone Fashion Rings

Gemstone Fashion Rings

Gemstones have the power to harmoniously match any existing colors around them, such as eye and hair colors and clothing, making these colors stand out naturally. Thus, gemstone rings allow for beautiful combinations of color palettes - especially when it comes to neutral outfits. Besides that special colorful touch, these rings convey a spontaneous kind of beauty and can also signify many cool things for those who love them, such as star signs and moonstones, for example. 

Where to find the ultimate fashion rings in Pennsylvania

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