Lab vs Mined Guide


Lab Grown Diamonds Vs. Mined Ones: What’s The Difference?

For centuries, diamonds have been one of the most desired and loved gemstones. When we think of jewelry, a piece bejeweled with diamonds instantly pops up in our heads. They are very powerful and fashion has used them to create the most stunning looks.
Historically, the meaning of diamonds have been attributed to prosperity, energy and love. It’s also believed that this glamorous stone brings abundance, strength and courage, to name a few. The variety of pieces is wide, but there’s something a lot of people have questions about: what’s the difference between lab grown diamonds and mined ones? Let’s find out!


What are mined diamonds?

The difference between them is only how each of them is created. Mined diamonds are naturally formed deep in the Earth due to its extremely high temperatures and pressure. The process takes time 1 to 3 billion years. The stone is made out of carbon dioxide that is heated until it solidifies.

Usually, this type of diamonds can only be mined when there’s a volcano eruption that brings them closer to the surface. This extraction process is highly criticized by experts because it’s harmful to the environment. Another issue with the creation process is that it’s not continuous or reliable. A slight change in pressure or temperature can interrupt the development of a diamond.

What are lab grown diamonds?

As the name suggests, it’s a diamond produced in a highly controlled environment inside a laboratory. The process recreates the conditions that a diamond would naturally form inside Earth, except that it takes less time to happen and it reduces the human impact in nature. 
lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds can be also called created or man-made diamonds. They have the same chemical properties as mined ones, plus, they grow the same way too. At the end of the process, they’re cut and polished to show the world their glow. Lab grown diamonds are also found in different colors, clarity and carats. 

The best part is that scientists are able to create lab grown diamonds in about two months! This is a huge development in science that allows retailers to produce diamond jewelry on a larger scale, without waiting for years to get a mined diamond. 

What are the differences between mined diamonds and lab grown ones?

If you look at a lab grown diamond, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Experts use specialized equipment to spot differences in trace elements inside the gem. Without this, it’s really impossible to differ. 

The biggest differences between them are mostly related to ethical impact and price. Lab grown ones are made without damaging the environment and are less expensive than natural diamonds. 
differences between mined diamonds and lab grown ones
When choosing diamond jewelry, take your time to try the pieces on. Enjoy this moment; you’ll also find out a lot about yourself. If you’re on a budget or if you appreciate how advanced technology is, then lab grown diamonds are the right choice for you!

On the other hand, if having a diamond that was naturally formed inside Earth is a dream of yours, then go for mined ones. Some people also associate love with this classic approach, with a natural gemstone created by the power of nature.

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