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The Essentials on Men’s Wedding Bands 

At Orr's, we treat men's wedding bands with great care, always taking our client's preferences and needs into consideration. We know that men play a big part in the process of buying wedding bands, and that's why we believe  men deserve to wear amazing, perfectly tailored wedding bands for them. This guide will help you understand all the essentials on men's wedding bands, so you can find the right match for you.
Why is choosing a wedding band for him so important?
Wedding bands in general are meant to signify the love between a couple, and the bands are a symbol that they wear on their hands at the wedding and for the rest of their married lives. For centuries, it was traditional that wedding bands were meant to match in style, because of the idea of soulmates being a matching pair. 
wedding band for him
However, these days, this tradition is long gone. So, the main concern among couples has gone from finding a matching set of wedding bands to each of the members of the couple finding the right match that would make them happy. Some jewelers tend to focus much more on women's wedding bands, but not us! 

We at Orr's give as much attention and care to wedding bands for him as we do for wedding bands for her, because we understand that men are the ones doing most of the planning of the rings and should be just as happy as the bride-to-be when it comes to the ring they'll be wearing from their wedding day onwards. 
Tips to choose the best wedding band for him
In order to choose the right wedding band for him, make sure you select a ring that resonates well with your personality, style, lifestyle, and physical appearance. Personality and style in particular are key, because what you love to wear is an indicator of the type of person that you are.
Are you a lover of black, and can see yourself going for a platinum wedding band infused with black details, or do you tend to be more traditional and would prefer to wear a classic yellow gold wedding band? Or, would you dare to wear a wedding band with diamonds, if you're the extravagant type? This is where personality and style comes in. Paying attention to your own style, which you may not think about very often, can help you choose.
palladium wedding bands
The next thing to consider is lifestyle. What do you normally wear on a daily basis in terms of accessories? Grooms who are used to wearing watches and/or bracelets should consider a wedding band material that will match them. That is not to say that it should be the same exact metal, but it needs to at least be harmonious with the other materials in your accessories. Luckily, the stainless steel of many men's watches can be a great match to white gold, platinum, or titanium wedding bands.
Lastly, physical appearance helps you choose. Some metals naturally enhance your features, making you look better in an effortless way. Different metals look better with some people's complexion than others. In general, yellow gold suits warmer to darker complexions, while white gold and silver-tones such as silver, platinum, titanium, and palladium wedding bands are a great match to any undertones.
Now that you've got some idea on how to start looking for your perfect wedding band, let's take a look at these bands by precious metals:
Men's wedding bands by metal
White gold wedding bands for him

White gold wedding bands for him
Usually when people think of 'white' wedding bands, they are referring to silver tones that, most of the time, means white gold. White gold wedding bands for him look good on virtually anyone, no matter their complexion. From fairer to darker skin tones, they work well together due to white gold’s naturally neutral hues.
Rose gold wedding bands for him

Rose gold wedding bands for him
Rose gold is perfect for those who like to step out of the ordinary and be original. Thus, rose gold wedding bands for him are one-of-a-kind and unique, and are also a good match to warmer and darker skin complexions, as they enhance this skin tone effortlessly.

Platinum men’s wedding bands
In addition to being beautiful and an extremely fancy choice for men’s accessories in general, platinum wedding bands for him are popular for being an extremely resistant metal that conveys a strong character for those who chose to wear it on a daily basis. These bands can handle extreme wear-and-tear and continue to look striking over time. That's why so many men opt for this metal.
Yellow gold wedding bands for him

Yellow gold wedding bands for him
Yellow gold is a timeless and popular precious metal, so there is no way to go wrong when picking it. It is classic, and it’s no wonder why most wedding bands used to feature it originally. Yellow gold wedding bands offer incomparable durability and suit tan and olive skin tones perfectly, as it harmonizes with the golden undertones of these skin types.

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At this point, you know the essentials of men's wedding bands and know how to choose the perfect wedding band for you. So now, we invite you to check out our inventory through the links above or by visiting our store to see our inventory in person. Our team will make sure your preferences and needs are all taken into account so you can go home with your perfect match. You can find us at Squirrel Hill or at Sewickley, so pick whichever location is most convenient to you.
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