Mothers Day Guide


This Mother’s Day, Surprise Your Mom With Marvelous Jewelry Gifts

That time of the year dedicated especially to our moms is coming up! So, it’s time  to show your appreciation for all the female figures in your life that you care about. And what better way to do that than by giving them a gift that they get to wear and will always remember? 

That’s just one of the reasons why jewelry is such a great Mother’s Day idea. In addition to being worn and of always being a reminder, jewelry lasts a lot more than gifts like soap or lotion. In fact, if you choose to give a diamond gift, then you can rest assured that it’ll last at least for a lifetime. 

Jewelry gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Women are characterized by an infinite variety of tastes and styles,
so by reading this guide, you’ll be sure to find the best gift ideas not only for your beloved mom,
but also for your beloved wife, aunt, grandmother, or cousin. So let’s take a look at some gift inspirations
for you to give your mom this Mother’s Day. Dive in!
stud earrings

Studs, including diamond studs

We know everyone’s got different tastes and a pair of earrings is a very personal choice, since it needs to suit the face of whoever is wearing it. Yet with all these things considered, stud earrings simply look good on virtually anyone! That’s what makes them fit anyone so well, making them ideal gifts.

Moreover, there are endless combinations of studs to suit any taste and that are perfect for every occasion. If you really want to show appreciation for your mom or for your wife, then opt for diamond studs, as they will make her look incredibly beautiful in any situation, even in everyday outfits.  


Necklaces and pendants

Necklaces are worn close to the heart and are visible from a distance. They make the perfect stylish addition to any outfit you wear. Necklaces make even the most simple looks appear absolutely enchanting in  the blink of an eye. You can also choose to give her beautiful pendants that match the necklace you pick out for her. 

Go for the style you know your mom will love to wear. Something that speaks to her personality and that will be a perfect complement to her look. Orr’s carries a wide variety of necklaces for every taste and you’ll surely find the perfect one for your mom. Check out our necklaces section to discover our exclusive selection. 


A Stunning Timepiece 

Timepieces don’t just tell the time. They are a fashion piece that tells a lot about someone. They convey specific styles, personalities and ways to look at life and they are hence amazing accessories that should never be underestimated. We carry a wide variety of exquisite watches from top designers such as Jaeger LeCoultre, Cartier and Breitling  for you to choose from!  

Discover incredible Mother’s Day jewelry gifts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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