Oris Watches

Oris Watches

Oris is celebrated for its Swiss expertise in craftsmanship and inventive styling. Every watch exemplifies the brand’s dedication to excellence, showcasing automatic mechanisms and robust construction materials. Keep reading to uncover more about their remarkable timepieces.
Oris, a Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1904 in Hölstein, Switzerland, initially known as "Lohner & Co.," swiftly rebranded to "Oris" after a nearby brook. In its formative years, Oris specialized in crafting pocket watches with in-house movements, earning acclaim for their precision and quality. Enduring the quartz crisis of the 1970s, Oris pivoted towards mechanical watches, reinforcing its reputation as a purveyor of superior mechanical timepieces.

Throughout the 20th century, Oris continued its trajectory of innovation, introducing notable advancements, such as the patented pointer calendar in the 1930s and a distinctive water-resistance system in the 1960s. The 1980s marked a period of significant design innovation for Oris, particularly with the introduction of the Big Crown collection, drawing inspiration from aviation and showcasing the brand's technical prowess.
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In the 2000s, Oris expanded its repertoire to encompass lines dedicated to diving, motorsports, and cultural themes, all while upholding a steadfast commitment to traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques and craftsmanship. Concurrently, Oris deepened its engagement in environmental and social causes, forging partnerships with organizations like the Reef Restoration Foundation and the Movember Foundation.

Today, Oris remains a bastion of high-quality mechanical watch production, seamlessly blending timeless craftsmanship with contemporary technology and design, while also prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility, distinguishing itself within the luxury watch industry.
Each watch in Oris's selection, including the Divers, Aviation, and Motorsport collections, boasts a rich history. Let's delve into a few of the collections available at Orr's Jewelers. Check it out:

The Oris ProPilot collection is inspired by aviation and designed with functionality and precision in mind. These watches often feature large, easy-to-read dials, luminous hands and markers for enhanced legibility, and various aviation-inspired elements in their design. 

They typically come with features like chronographs, GMT functions, or date complications, catering to the needs of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The ProPilot line embodies Oris's commitment to aviation heritage and engineering excellence.


The Oris Aquis collection is dedicated to professional divers and water sports enthusiasts. These watches are built to withstand extreme conditions underwater while maintaining a stylish and versatile design suitable for everyday wear.

They feature robust construction, high water resistance (often up to 300 meters or more), and a range of diving-specific features such as uni-directional rotating bezels, luminous markers for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, and durable materials like stainless steel or titanium. The Aquis collection represents Oris's commitment to producing reliable and high-performance dive watches.


Oris Divers watches encompass a range of timepieces designed specifically for diving purposes. While some models may overlap with the Aquis collection, the Divers line typically includes a broader range of dive watches, including vintage-inspired models and limited editions.

These watches meet stringent requirements for professional divers, including ISO 6425 certification, ensuring water resistance, shock resistance, anti-magnetic properties, and reliability in various underwater conditions. Oris Divers watches are not only functional tools for diving, but also stylish accessories suitable for everyday wear.

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