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Pendants For Every Possible Occasion  

Everyone has their favorite necklace that they can wear more than one pendant with. Pendants are key jewelry additions because they can be mixed and matched with so many different necklaces. Unless the necklace itself is flashy, pendants are the ones that get all the attention.

That’s why most of the time, when people refer to a necklace, they are usually referring to a pendant. Albeit often underestimated, these lovely, versatile jewelry pieces can be the life of the party when it comes to fashionable necklaces. They have much to say about style.
Pendants have the ability to convey many different messages.
There are several reasons why someone may choose to wear one particular type of pendant rather than another.
This post will enlighten you regarding the main kinds of pendants so you’ll know
exactly how to wear them for every occasion. 
material pendant

Defining the material of your pendant

Let’s begin by asking: What do you want your pendant to look like? At Orr’s, we carry an extensive selection of materials. In addition to yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, we also carry pink gold pendants, as well as sterling silver, oxidized or not, and platinum. 

What kind of material do you like or which of those match your skin? As a rule of thumb, yellow and rose tones of gold are a perfect addition to warmer skin undertones as it shines with it, whereas white gold, sterling silver, and platinum look superb on both fairer and neutral skin undertones. 

Main types of pendants 

Another way to choose the right pendant for you is to look at the precious gems it contains
and pick the one you love to be featured in that pendant. In that case, we hereby chose to highlight the following categories
of pendants for you to choose from:
black diamonds

Diamond Pendants

Diamonds sparkle like no other stone and they are forever. If you’re wearing a necklace with a diamond pendant, it’ll be the very first thing that everyone who is looking at you will notice. This pendant will be a bright, shining point that will sculpt your collarbone and neck.

Diamonds will upgrade any of your outfits in no time. These pendants will be the only thing you need to look like a million bucks. We work with white diamonds, but also exclusive black diamonds and brown diamonds. You’ll be sure to find the one for you.
Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone Pendants

These precious gems come in absolutely stunning designs. To wear a gemstone pendant is not only great because they look absolutely stunning; it is also so unique because pendants allow for more shapes and designs than those found in rings and earrings. 

Choose among our wide array of gemstone pendants, which includes amethyst, garnet, malachite, moonstone, rubellite, ruby, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, spinel, turquoise, amongst  others. Speak to one of our experts to get to know what kind of gemstone will suit your taste.
Pearl Pendants

Pearl Pendants

Pearls are precious little gems that add class and a one-of-a-kind feminine touch to any look. They’re best known to be used as earrings, but as pendants they come in amazingly delicate forms to add that same charm and elegance to your looks. 
Heart Pendants

Heart Pendants

Hearts are extremely romantic and are ideal not only for lovers to give to each other, but also for idealistic and dreamy personalities. And let’s face it: all we need is love, at least to some degree. So, let’s celebrate it by getting your heart pendant and spreading love everywhere you go!
Monograms Pendants

Initials and Monograms Pendants 

Some people just love the way their name sounds and they want to show it off to the world! So, if you’re one of those people, we have the most exclusive selection of initials for you to complete your outfit. Our collection of initials and monograms will make you feel special. 
Zodiac Pendants

Zodiac Pendants

Zodiacs tell so much about someone’s personality and character, at least for those who believe horoscopes to be true. In that case, we are fully prepared to help you to express yourself in that sense. Check our exclusive selection of zodiac pendants. We guarantee you’ll love it. 

Find the most exclusive pendants in Pennsylvania

At this point, we hope that you’re inspired and know what kind of pendant you’ll want to get for you or your loved ones. So drop by our stores in the greater Pittsburgh area in PA for an unforgettable visit. You'll be able to speak to one of our experts who will be happy to help you find the perfect pendant for you. 

If you prefer to look at our collection online, browse through our website on the links above to find out more about our exclusive selection of pendants. We work with high end designers such as Ippolita, Mikimoto, LAGOS, Lika Behar, Pomellato, Phillips House, among many more. Come check it out for yourself!