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6 Unique Luxury Watch Designers That Will Get You Noticed


Time has been one of the most remarkable inventions  of modern times, so it seems sensible that we’ve come such a long way when it comes to interpreting and reading it.

With a flair endorsed by the idea that a great lifestyle requires us to take a step back and fully enjoy the moment, today, we’ll visit luxury watches and navigate what each name in the industry has to say.


Cartier Watch


Jewelry timepieces designed to give you a sense of forever, Cartier’s legacy continues on, influencing old aficionados and gaining new fans. 

You can always count on a Cartier watch to exude an air of professionalism and privilege.
Cartier’s wristwatches never stop impressing and encompass the company’s inherited values with an unexpected twist and a sense of change that’s modern, refined, and makes you think, “how could I live without this before?”

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Tudor Watch


Whether you’re trekking outside or just in the office, this Swiss watchmaker has crafted some of the most functional yet stylish watches in the market. 

Featuring the most diverse materials and never letting go of ultra-sleek designs, Tudor speaks for itself.
We’ve gone beyond “time telling” with chronographs, moon phase, power reserves, and tech movements, and Tudor certainly reflects this, with a shield logo that represents Tudor's reliability well. No matter your style, there’s a Tudor to help you create beautiful things.

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Breitling Watch


For those who love to admire how watchmaking has its roots in the essence of how things work with intrinsic mechanisms, Breitling has always evoked the sense of going back to watches’ birthplace. 

Each new design resonates watches’ original forms, traditional lines, and sketches from another era.
Breitling tells the complete story with elements that pack a punch when added to their quality that goes beyond the ordinary. A Breitling instantly ignites a desire for high-level standards that’s quenched by the designer’s flawless lines and functions, well adapted for modernity.

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Jaeger LeCoultre Watch

Jaeger LeCoultre

Jaeger LeCoultre is excellent for those who love timepieces with as many functions as possible tucked within slim designs. This is also a go-to designer for those whose lifestyle combines formal and casual wear.

Jaeger LeCoultre’s timepieces are great companions for any occasion, with the full potential of becoming your favorite accessory. Multi-axis, flawless movements, and a renowned tourbillon—which aims to reduce the gravity effects—only make  Jaeger LeCoultre more alluring.

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Panerai Watch


Panerai offers the allure of watchmaking prototypes with elements of the sea and iconic side controls. 

If you haven’t found the Panerai watch for you yet, it’s not too late to start looking fabulous and make your life easier with highly advanced mechanisms (and Florentine inspiration) in the process.
Panerai has many fans—with good reason. While passing trends circle side by side with the respected names, no one can deny a Panerai is a watch to ease into your lifestyle and make it better with “sturdy” quality and a unique style.

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TAG Heuer Watch

TAG Heuer

Just open Instagram, and you’re bound to see your favorite racers and athletes proudly sporting a TAG Heuer. And that’s not all—TAG Heuer’s limited editions include Super Mario, Porsche, and Golf editions.
If this isn’t enough to make you rush to guarantee your TAG, maybe the gorgeous bright designs and world-famous second accuracy will convince you. 

TAG is a reference for aviation too and has more than a century and a half of expertise and tradition.

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Luxury Watch Repairs

Featured: Luxury Watch Repairs

With around two thousand moving parts, timepieces require specialized maintenance to continue performing with the same accuracy and precision as on the first time you wear them. These are just some services you can get done at Orr’s Jewelers to keep your luxury watches working at top performance:

• Demagnetizing
• Display Replacement
• Inspection
• Resizing
• Battery Replacement



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