Wedding Bands Guide


Fresh And Modern Wedding Bands That Go With Everything In Your Closet

Modern brides are looking forward to the adventure of being married ahead of them. With every passing season, we see independent women tackling their wedding preparations, work, volunteering, and whatnot, while still looking stunning.
It’s only natural that such confident women seek a reflection of that in their choice of wedding bands. Yes, you still look for a ring to ooh and ahh over, but the inspiration behind it will now be modern and impactful to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around. 
With this fresh wave of wedding bands designed for "real life," designers are meeting the moment with anatomic features never seen before. Not to mention the new designs  of wedding bands intended to elevate men's looks. This article covers how modern jewelry can satisfy  unconventional and strong brides and grooms who have a free spirit to carve their own path.
Wedding band cost
How much is too much to spend
on your wedding bands?
While having a budget is a healthy step you both should define before shopping, try not to think about a specific sum your wedding bands should cost. First, try to determine what your needs are. Once you find wedding bands that meet your priorities, you don't need to overindulge.
Consider you will be wearing your wedding bands for the rest of your lives, so they need to offer high-quality. At the same time, it’s a piece you wear every day, so it should be comfortable and fit your lifestyle.
If aesthetics are essential to you, include that in your shopping plans. If you need a hypoallergenic band, consider  that as well. Pick your wedding bands with your needs in mind (not someone else’s).
Wedding band and engagement ring
Why have a wedding band and an engagement ring?
Because they mark different stages of your relationship and will always be tokens of love and commitment which you can pass on to your children.
The truth is your engagement ring comes first, and it’s the piece to symbolize your promise of love as well as the token  of your feelings for one another. When your wedding day arrives, then you use wedding bands to mark the vows you make and the official day of your union. Engagement rings and wedding bands are different. One features larger gemstones or diamonds, and is chosen specifically for the woman who will wear them. The other represents eternity and commitment. 
Picking wedding bands are just as fun as choosing the engagement ring, and it’s something you can do together as a couple. Of course, you don't have to pick out wedding bands together if you want to surprise your partner.
wedding bands match
Should our wedding bands match?
When you have an engagement ring as a guide, it’s even easier to know what you love and would like to see on your wedding band. You can also choose  details on a wedding band that will enhance your  engagement ring.
With modern designs for men's wedding bands now common, men have been hooked to modern designs featuring precious metals and intricate materials.  So, chances are you will migrate to different styles which are suited to your taste.
If a matching band is important to you, but your taste differs, you can always pick either the same metal shade, similar style, or similar width as your engagement ring.
Man`s wedding band

How to choose a man's wedding band
The most important priority is to keep his preferences and style in mind. It should be evident in the final choice. His wedding band deserves the same amount of thought and consideration as your wedding band because it will show off his confidence, style, and love for you  every day.
Wedding bands for men are all about texture. The finish is one of the details which most defines a wedding band men can feel confident wearing.

hammered finish wedding band
Hammered finish

The hammered finish gives an edge over men's wedding bands. The result is always an extra textured band with a lot of personality.
Sleek finish wedding band
Sleek finish

This style resembles classic wedding bands with extra polish and sheen which can impress the size and composition of the band.
Brushed finish wedding band
Brushed finish

A wedding band featuring a brushed finish lies between the sleek and hammered styles. Many men are drawn magnetically to its style.
Wedding band styles women love

Eternity wedding bands


Eternity wedding bands are also known as diamond wedding bands since they feature diamonds around the whole circumference of the ring. Half-eternity means diamonds only cover the top of the ring, fitting more comfortably against your fingers.

Multiple pavé lines wedding band

Multiple pavé lines

Multiple lines of pavé set brilliants create quite the effect, especially when you opt for black or fancy brown diamonds. Pavé diamonds sit snugly against the other, giving the impression one brilliant starts where the other ends.

Beaded wedding bands


Beaded wedding bands are extra charming and resemble the milgrain style, with beaded diamonds forming undulating patterns. This is a favorite of those who love Victorian or vintage styles.

Stackable wedding bands

Stackable bands are part of a trend that has come to stay and not a specific style per se. They are slim and straight bands that will fit well stacked against others of the same style. Some stackable rings are called guard or wrap, and they are slightly curved to contour the design of your engagement ring.

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